Hi, Stephanie Taylor here, but you can call me Stevie. 

I studied journalism and English at Oklahoma State University. Go Pokes! I am passionate about writing, content creation and branding. 

I am a lover of the arts, music, dance and writing. Running is my therapy. Cooking is my joy. Fashion is my playground. I am quirky, sarcastic, and I often fall walking up steps.  When I am not spending my time being super graceful, I am writing.
Everyone has a story. I love to tell those stories. I love quote catching and picking up words of wisdom from movies, motivational speakers and music lyrics. Through journalism, I have heard amazing stories of courage, endurance, forgiveness and hard work that will stay with me a lifetimeq.

Check out my blog, Life As Told by An Upcoming Twenty Something, to read about my life as a 20-something and about my lessons learned on career, friendship and dating. 

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @thestephbrand