…because i’m a twentysomething

today was meaningful

when i was thirteen, i couldn’t wait to be eighteen.  i thought i’d know it all by then- have all the answers and that prized freedom. and when i was sixteen, i planned to be married by age twenty-three with two kids. i’ll always smile to myself when i think about how time changes things. and when i turned twenty four i made a list of as many goals as i had in years. by my 25th birthday, i’d accomplished them all.

and a funny thing happens about the time you turn twenty.five. people start asking about marriage and kids and houses. and you begin to worry about savings, retirement, and health insurance.  you start spending your money on plates.pots.new tires. short term sacrifices for long term gains, right? and sometimes you start to compare your 25 years with everyone else’s. you wonder if you’re on the right track because…

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20something profile: Stephanie

I am really excited to be featured on the 20 Somethings in 2013 blog!

20somethings Blog

Steph2This post was written by Stephanie, a graduate in news editorial journalism:

As I am sitting here writing this post for the Twenties Blog, it suddenly hits me that I have been out of college for a year. It is really crazy how quickly time flies. The past year of my post-grad life has been nothing at all like what I thought it would be, but surprisingly, I can say that I am happy and even grateful for that.

I walked across the stage at my alma mater, Oklahoma State University, on May 5, 2012. I graduated with top honors, receiving my degree in news editorial journalism with a minor in English. Ask me then where I saw myself a year later, and I would have confidently told you, “In New York, working as an editorial assistant at a major magazine.”

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