End of Semester Drought

Today begins the beginning of Thanksgiving week and I am really struggling.  You may wonder struggling about what? Struggling to go to class! The week of Thanksgiving is always a two day week and with all my classes canceled on Tuesday, finding motivation for today’s classes is the the biggest struggle in the world.

I have four classes every Monday, one of which is cancelled today.  So that leaves me with a 8:00, 10:30, and 12:30.  Now I am currently carless, which means for every holiday break or weekend that I want or need to go home I have to hitch a ride.  I think not having a car definitely adds to the feeling of being a college student.  I’m always on the move, whether walking, riding a bus or trying to find a way somewhere.  In laymen’s terms it sucks but until I can save up to buy my own car this seems like this what it will be like.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I am not sure but my only way of getting home (well my only way of getting home without taking the bus) is my friend Krista.  She happens to be leaving today at 10:30, which means if I’m going to leave with her, I will have to miss my 12:30 class.

I am not big on missing classes, especially classes where attendance counts toward my grade.  That would be the only downside to skipping.  Otherwise I absolutely hate my 12:30 class, Fiction Writing! I’ve determined that the entire English department at OSU is full of strange people and I just do not fit into their world.  Since I have never skipped this class or any other all semester, I am just going to do it! I am not going! I am going to be a rebel and treat myself to no Fiction Writing right before Thanksgiving break.

Disclaimer: Just the simple fact that I am writing my blog over skipping my first class this semester, shows what a rebel I really am not!


Generation Me

So this past weekend, I got a tutorial on how to work an iPad from a 4-year-old boy.  It was one of the most riveting and funny experiences I have had in a awhile.  Although I learned a lot of skills that will probably prove to be useless in the long run, it was interesting to use a new format of technology.  What is interesting to me is how the younger generations are so saturated with technology and they have grown up in the “i-World” their entire lives.

My ipad guide, Ethan, wasn’t slightly amazed how he could change the direction of a tractor or steer a bullet from a machine gun just by tilting the screen of the ipad.  The older I get, I see technology, especially that owned by Apple, becoming more interactive and three dimensional.  It’s is pretty intriguing how realistic technology has become and makes me wonder how far it will go.  Today’s generation of children and young kids probably won’t even notice the evolution over time being surronded my iPads, iPhones and iPods their entire lives.  A world of technology that isn’t avaiable at the palm of their hands is for them a novelty.

I don’t know if I see myself buying an iPad anytime soon.  I am not one to jump aboard the technology train.  As long as I have a phone and some type of internet connection, I am content for now on not always being completely up to date on the newest gadgetry.  You never know though, the younger generation may influence my generation just like mine has influenced my parents’.  I may just have end up being influenced by this techno-crazed i-generation.

Video Girl in a Video World

This week in Electronic Communication we are working on our final projects, creating a website with iWeb.  I think this project should be pretty interesting because we will learn what goes into creating a website.  Since the internet has become a daily tool used for education, entertainment and consumption, it will be exciting to say that I know how to create a website.

Last week, we submitted our video projects.  I did my video over my sorority and explained what Sigma Phi Lambda is all about.  The project turned out pretty good for my first video project but I would like to do better on the next video I create.

I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when creating a video.  In terms of shots, it is good to get a variety of different shots at different angles.  Even if the angle seems strange while you are shooting it, you never know what you will use for the final video.  You should also shoot from different depths of field by zooming in and out.

Another good idea to keep in mind when shooting video, is to always have a little extra space at the end of a shot.  This way if you want to add special effects, such as a fade in or a fade out, you can easily do that.

In terms if lighting, it is important to shoot from an angle where the light is working for the subjects instead of against them.  If you shoot from a point where the lights is shining toward them it may create shadows and reflections.  It is good to shoot where the light is shining from behind in a way that illuminates the subject and doesn’t create shadows.

These are just a few of the ideas I learned from shooting my first video.  This project has made me that much more interested in making more videos in the future.

Now this week that we are on to our final project with iWeb, we will use our videos and all of our other projects to create a website.  It should be pretty cool to see the finished project.  After this class, I hope to keep up with my blog and my website because both are such important tools to have in the twenty-first century.  It’s a digital age so it’s important to know how to use, manipulate and create using digital media.