Video Video Video

So our most recent assignment for Electronic Communiction is to create a video.  For some reason, this project, so far, has been the most difficult for me.  So far I haven’t even begun tapping but a number of other things in the pre-filming process have gone wrong. 

The biggest is I have nave been stumped for ideas for my project since we were first assigned it.  I’ve gone back and forth between commericial, a music video or a how to video.  The second problem I ran into happened this weekend when I came home to Tulsa, hoping to tape my video, but more than half way home I realized that I forgot my camera at school.  Convienently, my camera’s batteries are dead, another reason why I haven’t started my project.  I used that as an excuse this entire week as to why I hadn’t started.  Instead of just buying batteries, I kept telling myself I will buy some when I get to Tulsa.  Never did it cross my mind that something terribly could go terribly wrong with my camera, such as me losing it, breaking it or in this case leaving it on my desk back in Stillwater.

Well tomorrow is Sunday…actually looking at the time, today is Sunday,which gives me 32 hours to get my video project done by 8:00 a.m. class tomorrow.  I’ve heard that sometimes the most genuis ideas come under pressure.  I hope this saying proves to be true.  I already have a few ideas of what I can tape tomorrow.  Now the trick is to make it happen.

Happy videoing to everyone!  And to any last minute paper writers, test studiers or project finishers, I feel your pain.  I really really do.

Technological Art

So far this semester in Electronic Commuication, we have completed a number of different projects.  We did a slideshow, a podcast, this blog and we are currently working on a video project.  I’ve really enjoyed the different projects because it allows me to be creative while using modern technology. 

Sometimes, technology and all of its many creations can be intimidating.  I personally love the arts, fashion, music, writing, dance.  This class has allowed me to use my eye for aesthetics and to get over my phobia of not catching on to the technology tide wave.

For my podcast, I created a short talk show segement about fashion and music.  I thought the project was pretty interesting because I got to play the role of someone like a DJ.  I had done an audio project for a different class once before, but the program we used in that class was not as modern.  I liked being able to experiment with Garage Band and learning some of the different features it has to offer.  I’m sure there are more capabilities that I didn’t play with, but it opened the door for me to want to use garageband for my onw personal uses.

For the picture slideshow, I seized the opportunity of the rainy day and created a slideshow of rainboots and girls wearing their rain gear on campus.  Out of the hundreds of girls who wear rain boots on this campus, I know that there are so many different styles.  I thought it would be cool to capture them at different angles and in different lighings.  I learned a lot a bout how you can use a camera to create different shots that make the viewers see the world differently.

Our next project is the video.  I’m brainstorming ideas right now.   The projects should be anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.  I stumbled upon an intersting idea earlier today in class.  I was joking about making a music video, but after the professor’s remarks, I am actually considering doing it. 

A lot of techniques used for the camera project can be applied to the video project.  We will see what I can come up with!  Whatever, I choose to do, I want to make it an expression of my interests in the arts.

– Stephkt

Social Networking = Public Information

In today’s day and age, everyone is on the internet and is connected through the social network mania.  As college students, it almost seems like a requirement to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube in order to survive.  I am not sure when this obsession first began but somehow it has evolved into the defining aspect of my generation.

I had a rude awakening the other day when a friend questioned me about something I posted on facebook.  I changed my relationship status and literally in minutes I started receiving text messages and in-person questioning from all of my friends.  I am somewhat a private person, so when my friends want to know the details of the hows, whens, and wheres, I have little response to give them.  But my friend gave me a sort of slap in the face when she said, “When you put it on facebook, it becomes public information.”  While I would love to argue with this statement and state my case to the death.  I know in reality that she is correct.  You should not put anything online that you don’t want people to know.

The reason I love sites like Facebook is that it allows me to stay connected with people who I otherwise would not be able to talk to.  I moved away from my home in Michigan to Oklahoma when I was 16 and therefore missed out on a lot of monumental stepping stones with all my friends.  Facebook allowed me to stay connected with them.  Similarly, all the friends I have made from my high school in Oklahoma, the university I attended my first year of college and the different people I have met over the years, I am happy to be able to keep in touch with them.  It’s like they are closer because they are a click away but some of them may in reality be as far as states or countries away.

I guess Facebook and I have a hate/love relationship.   I love that it allows me to stay connected with people who I care about but am unable to talk to often.  However, I really hate people’s scrutiny and questions.  I guess I hate feeling like I am under another person’s microscope and hate the idea of people being in my business.  I guess that just comes with life, and since I am in college, it’s time to realize that really what people think doesn’t matter.  Although, I will definitely be sure to watch what I make public information, really people’s nosey eyes should not affect me.

A Missed Generational Fade

So October at OSU, as well as many universities across the country, marks the coming of Homecoming season.  Here, for those students who are members of greek sororities and fraternities.  I am a member of Sigma Phi Lambda, a national christian sorority.  Although, we are not greek, we do participate in the lovely tradition known as pomping, which basically enttails students sticking a bunch of pieces of tissue paper into chicken wire and ultimately producing these wonderful pictorial displays of OSU history and tradition.  Last week on a Tuesday night, I was pomping at the Delta Tau Delta house, when I heard the televeision show Glee on in the main room.  Everyone’s faces seemed to be glued to the television and that’s when I realized that one of the biggest crazes of my generation had completely passed me by.

Honestly, I am not big on musicals.  It’s strange because I like some, can tolerate others and then there are a few that I just stand.  I think I am too much of a sarcastic person to watch as characters sing and dance every five minutes and there is a new song whenever there is a mood change, from happy to sad or love-struck to heart broken, all I can do is laugh.  I like classics like Grease.  Movies like that kind of depict the culture of that time era in a whimsical manner that really gets my attention.  However, I am against musicals.  Broadway was not made for a girl like me.  I find the singing to be melodramatic, the stages to be overdone and the blaring music to be overwhelming.

High School Musical is a big musical movie that has been a hit in recent years and that likely lead to the creation of shows like Glee.   I will admit that I have seen High School Musicals 1 and 2, but it was much to my dismay.  I found the movie to be, how shall I say it, very much over done.  I just wanted them to stop singing, especially since I thought a lot of the main charcters could not sing very well.

However, when I say Glee at the frat house last week for the first time, I had to actually stop and listen.  For one, unlike High School Musical, the characters could undeniably sing very well.  Two, the plot lines were very humorus and often were poking fun at people and circumstances in today’s society, which to a sarcastic person like me is a pure gold mine.  As I saw all my peers, both guys and girls, glued to the screen, I wondered if maybe my close-minded view of musicals had led me to miss out on a really entertaining show.

I pomped again last night and Glee was on and once again everyone was glued to the television set, meaning little pomping was getting done.  I will have to admit the shows seems like it might be worth watching.  Though this semester, I barely have enough time to eat and sleep, let alone watch tv, but I may just have to catch the show on reruns!

’tis that Time of Year Once Again

Friday marked the beginning of October and with it comes a change of seasons.  Though fall officially begins about September 22, October marks the beginning of the actual physical signs that the new season has sprung.  The temperature drops a little with each passing night.  The sun sets a little earlier.  The trees begin changing colors and the grasses and flowers start to shrivel up.  With the beginning of October for the college world, also comes the beginning of midterms….Yes, unfortunately ’tis that time of year once again.

When I heard someone say last week that we were already done with one-third of the smester, I didn’t realize that in actuality that meant it was time for another round of tests, papers and projects to be due.  This week alone, I have a test, two huge papers and a project to do.  Thinking about the big picture could give any poor student a minor panic attack.  I always give my friends advice when they are stressing, to not look at the big picture but rather to focus on today, just today.   Tomorrow and the day after can worry about themselves. 

My mentatlity is if I get done as much as I possibly can today, then tomorrow will take care of itself.  Already this morning, I have finished my short  story for Fiction Writing, done my week’s worth of reading for Screen Studies and I am writing my blog for Electronic Communication, as I type.  I have a lot to get done for today, including edit a few short stories for Fiction Writing, work on my paper for Screen Studies, write out my script for my podcast for Electronic Communication and study for Natural History.  Though I am sure some of that work will fall into the days ahead, I am going to do my very best to get done as much as I can today as I possibly can.

I can not put into words how excited I am for first semester to be over.  After that I will only have three semesters separating me from my college degree.  Unlike many of my college friends, I am ecstatic to go out into the “real world” as they call it.  I understand it requires bills, making a a living, maintaining a well paying job and all that stuff, but I look forward to the day when I am living on my own in a big city, writing for a magazine.  I cannot wait but, as the point of this blog entry says, I know to take it one day at a time.  Well in this case, I know it is important to take it one semester at a time.

So I though I am eager to get this week over and finish all my tests, papers and projects, and even more eager to finish my fianl four semesters of college, I know it is important to pace myself.  If I rush things, then  I will never really appreciate where I am at right now in this moment.  I guess I should learn to take it in because I know I won’t be in this season of my life again.  College only comes once so I should definitely enjoy it while I am here.  As for this semester and this week of midterms, the same rule of thumb applies.  I am going to take it one day at a time and get as much work done as I can today and not worry about tomorrow.  Well, I better get off of here, I’ve got work to get done today!