A Great, Big World

So happy to be back in America and to be driving on the right side of the road again! Hello, motion sickness. I spent the first two weeks of this month on a missions trip in Ireland, and man was it life-changing


If there’s one thing I can say to all the twenty somethings out there, it would be to travel as much as possible. Travel far, high and low. Go to as many different places as you can while you can. Even if you can just take weekend trips to nearby states, do that! Experience as much culture as you can because there is a great big world out there. How will you ever know if you don’t go?

Try the foods that look funny, things that you “know” you would never like. Talk to that person who looks nothing like you and whom you think you couldn’t have anything in common with. Learn that dance step that requires you to move parts of your body you have never moved. Go across the border. Book flights. Pack up, get in your car, and just go. Climb mountains. Travel cross country. Try something new.

Twenty Something Advice (for Anybody):

How will you ever know if you don’t go?

Once you start traveling, it’s like something inside of you comes to life. A fire gets started and you can’t quiet put it out. So don’t try. Keep traveling. Keep going to the hick towns, the uppity boutiques, the southern restaurants, the foreign dance bars. Keep living and discovering the world around you. Because it is a big, beautiful world.

It’s hard to describe how much of a cool place Ireland is, unless you actually experience it yourself. So I figure that I’d let some of the pictures we captured while we were there tell the story for me.

IMG_20140930_043854Window view as we landed in Dublin, Ireland


Downtown Cork, Ireland

IMG_20141001_120635Eating at our first authentic, Irish pub

IMG_20141007_041005Downtown Cork

IMG_20141005_135655Another rainy day in Ireland

IMG_20141007_041423The gardens at Blarney Castle

IMG_20141006_005045We are at real life castle and we’re real happy about it!

IMG_20141005_170639The beautiful, Blarney Castle

IMG_20141013_085205Blarney Castle Gardens

IMG_20141009_042357We love Ireland!

– Stephkt