Oooh the Joys of a New Semester

The first week of first semester is already over.  I have signed, sealed and delivered my first week of classes, club meetings, job trainings and all the other firsts that come with the start of a new semester.  Tiring? Yes, very much so.  But I would have to say that in the midst of already having to deal with sagging eyes and missed alarms, the beginning of a new semester is always exciting and in its own way somewhat rejuvenating.

Though I am the last person who would ever claim to enjoy reading books or standing in long lines at the Student Union, I do, however, enjoy the excitement of some of the things that comes with the start of a new semester, such as the ability to make new friends, join new organizations, make better grades and build on the social, academic and work foundations i have built in semesters past.

Just like anything in life, college is a balancing act.  Right now, I am balancing, working two jobs, being an officer for two clubs, writing for the student newspaper and being involved with my sorority, all while taking 17 hours and trying to have some what of a social life.  I know I am not alone in this balancing act amongst all my peers in Cowboy nation here at OSU.

While I am so eager to graduate and enter into the “real world” that so many of my peers dread, I know that it is important to enjoy the chaos and craziness that is college life.  Like anything in life, college only lasts for a season.  I think the trick is reminding myself of this everytime I have to stand in line for an overpriced book I really don’t want or am up until 2:00 in the morning cramming for an exam.  Oooh the joys of a new semester and of college life, they certainly only come once in a lifetime.


The Sunny Side of Things

Waking up for my first class of the fall semester is not easy, especially when that class is at 8:00 a.m. and I didn’t go to sleep until around 2:00.  I guess the bright side of waking up for an early morning class is not having to walk in the dead heat.  Today is supposed to be another Ozone Alert Day and I’d hate to show up for my first class hot and already dehydrated.  I’m from Michigan so me and hot weather really just do not go hand in hand.

Fortunately for me, my first class is a Journalism class, Electronic Communication to be exact.  So at least I am in a course that I find interesting and relates to what I want to do career wise.  In Electronic Communication, we will be learning about blogging, video, podcasting and all the cool (excuse me for using such a lame adjective) aspects of journalism.  I could definitely use some training and teaching in the “multimedia” aspect of this field of study so I am actually very excited for this class.

What I am not looking forward to is walking around campus later in the day when it gets really hot.  I have to buy books and find classes and I am not sure where to get food on campus.  My hope is that it will get cooler as the days go on.  This is my hope.  A girl has gotta dream, right?

I guess it is best to look at the bright side of things, like the old adage says.  I made it to my first class on time.  The professor and my classmates seem pretty nice so far.  The topic of the class seems pretty interesting.  I think I will make it just fine through this semester after all.  My body will just have to adjust to waking up at 7:00 a.m. on Monday mornings.  It is okay though, just no more late nights before Monday morning.  That way the sun will be a beautiful site to see in the early morning instead of a pestering nuisance.

— Stephkt