Jingle Bells Beckon Semester’s End

Here it is, the end of the semester! Two weeks and three days until finally Christmas break is here. This semester, the first semester of my junior year, has been the most hectic of my entire school career.  I’ve worked two jobs, while maintaining 16 hours and trying to remain involved in two organizations.  We will see if my hard work has paid off when grades come out in December.

Although this is the busiest semester of my college career, I know that I am not alone in the stress I have experienced this semester.  Many of my friends and fellow classmates, I know, under the same pressure.  More than anything, I think this semester has proven how ready I am to graduate and get a job in the media field doing what I love, writing.

So far this semester, I have applied to a number of internships, and I am hoping for a good one to fall through.  I have worked so hard for an killer internship this semester and my past two years in school.  I hope that someone at some credible newspaper or magazine (preferably in a big city) sees my hard work.  I almost feel like I have something to prove this summer by landing a journalism internship.  It means everything to me to be able to do what I love.

Some new skills I have learned this semester is podcasting, how to critique film and pictures, how to write creative nonfiction, recording and creating video and blogging.  Hopefully, these new skills will add more to my competence in the working world and make me more eligible to get a great job out of college.

Well looks like we will just have to wait and see where I end up this summer.  I am really believing that some magazine or newspaper will see something special in me and recognize my drive, talent and effort.  I am sure in the end it will all pay off.