Staying Consistent Even When it Sucks

Consistency. I have been pretty bad about this lately. With this blog, with my work ethic, with keeping a positive attitude, with pretty much just about everything. What’s the phrase that Dory from Finding Nemo made so famous? Oh, yes. “Just keep swimming.” Well, that is what I am here to tell you and to remind myself, as well. Keep swimming.

A few synonyms for consistency are: regularity, constancy, routine, recurrence, steadiness, invariability, clockwork, predictability. In what areas of your life can you stay constant? Is there something important that you have slacked on in your routine? Is there a commitment or an area that you chose to make a priority where you no longer have kept constancy?

One thing you hear thirty somethings say a lot is that the twenties are more about the baby steps rather than the giant leaps. The twenties are all about the behind the scenes work rather than the big show. I don’t think I quite understood this until I walked through it.


The twenties are rough! It takes a lot of work, pushing through the day to day grind, showing up every day when you often see little or no progress or promotion in sight. The twenties are anything but glamorous. Let’s be honest, the twenties sometimes just suck. More candidly, what I said to a friend lately was that “The twenties are for the birds.”

In the midst of my weariness and cynicism, I have been able to find the good in this rough patch known as the twenties: the growing. While I sometimes hate it and find it rather uncomfortable. the twenties are a painfully, beautiful moment in time where you have the chance to blossom. It is said that by the time a person is 18 years old, their major ways of thinking and viewing the world have been developed. The twenties, then, must be a time for picking out those thought processes, habits, and ways of doing things and evaluating them. The twenties must be the time in between, not only where you get older, but when you choose to mature.

So stay consistent. Right where you are. In that job. In that relationship. In that position. Stay faithful and when the going gets rough and you want to quit (because you will), just remember little Dory singing, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” Because it’s in the consistency and the faithfulness that you grow and mature. It’s there that you become a better you.

– Stephkt