I have always loved music. It is literally the fiber from which I get my being.  If there was no music in the world, I literally am not sure how I would survive. My love for music is genre-less. I love any and every genre. That’s the thing about music that is so intriguing. It is art. None of it is ever the same and I love that!

Country music is like sweet lemonade on a hot summer’s day. R&B is like warm southern, cornbread with butter lavished on it. Pop is like bubble gum, fun and sweet to chew. Jazz is like a sweet peach tea right before bed. Rap is like your favorite soda shaken all the way up and about to fizz.

I love music and live through lyrics. I think music is a reflection of life, like any art form. It tells truths and conveys emotions in such a clean and precise way. I cannot get over my love for music.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012: Here is a great song about confidence, insecurity, humility and the art of balancing in the human condition.

Monday, August 20, 2012: One of my favorite songs right now is “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer. Just a little encouragement for your Monday.

The golder the sunset gets right around sunset

Helps me realize

This is just a journey

Drop your worries

You are gonna turn out fine

(Chorus) But you gotta keep your head up

And you can let your head down

Repeat Chorus

I know it’s hard to remember sometimes

Repeat Chorus

Got my hands in my pockets

Kicking these rocks

It’s kinda hard to watch this life go by

I’m buying into skeptics

Skeptics mess with the confidence in my eyes

Seeing all the angles

Thoughts get tangled

I start to compromise

My life and my purpose

Am I gonna turn out fine?

Fine, oooh you’ll turn out fine

Repeat Chorus x2

Only rainbows after rain

The sun will always come again

And it’s a circle circling

Around again, it comes around again

Only rainbows after rain

The sun will always come come again

It’s a circle circling

Around again, it comes around