The Twenties: A Happy In Between

middleroadLife as Told by an Upcoming, Twenty Something is usually a place where you can come for great advice, a kick in the rear, a companion to tell you, “Yes, I know the 20s are rough, but you can succeed!” This is a place to come find encouragement and hope for another week in your tumultuous twenties.

It’s all about the motivation here, but today I am going for a different vibe, a good laugh because we all need one. If you have ever felt old in your twenties, well here’s a video that will reassure you that you are and make you laugh out loud at least once: Do Teens Know 90s Music?

I can only watch the video once because I start to feeling like I am a day over ancient. The part that gets me is when one of the girls says, “My sisters played it. And they’re like really old, 20s, 25.” To a girl who is 24, going on 25, that was enough to make me feel like I need to hang it up and go register for the AARP.

Funny thing about your twenties is that we constantly get mixed messages. Thirty somethings tell us we are babies and have so much to learn. Teenagers think we are ancient and have fallen off the face of the Earth.

Well, here’s some good news: You are right in the middle where you should be. Yes, you have survived high school, your teenage years and many of you have survived or almost made it out of college. You have taken your first steps into the real world and look at you! Adulthood doesn’t look bad on you, but yes, you do still have a lot to learn. You are reminded of this by your weekly, if not daily, mishaps and blunders that leave you wanting to crawl up in the fetal position or on the phone crying to your mother.

But here’s to you kid! You are making it. You are surviving and taking the curve balls that the twenties bring your way. Remember it’s all ebbs and flows. The twenties are just a happy in between so enjoy while it lasts. One day when you’re thirty something, believe it or not, you will miss the uncertainty and adventure of this time.



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