Success and Friendship

Isn’t going after your dreams the drive that keeps most of us going? Actually achieving those dreams is just the cherry on top of the sundae! What if you got to see your dreams come true alongside your best friend? I got to interview the duet known as Alaska and Maddie from The Voice earlier this week. Alaska, who will be turning 20 in three months, and Madi, who recently turned 19, are at the beginning of their music careers. They have the potential for a long, successful career ahead of them, but what I found most interesting about them was their friendship.

In it’s most pure, simplistic form, friendship is what makes life sweet. It adds to every moment, even the hard ones. Having someone to share things with is the greatest gift, and these two girls definitely have that. Throughout most of my time with them, there was nothing but laughter. These two have a sisterhood that shows in their witty banter, the unplanned moments when they spoke in unison and the warm embraces they shared.

Alaska and Madi hail from the great state of O-o-o-oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. The two have been friends since middle school age and have grown close through their love of music. They first started singing together during their time in Oklahoma Kids, an entertainment organization for children. The two were not always as fond of each other as they are now. They actually did not get along at first because of a BOY! Fortunately, the two were able to overcome their differences. The boy didn’t stick around very long, but the two have remained the best of friends.


Twenty Something Advice (for Anybody):

“Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”  Charles R. Swindoll

 What I loved about my time with Alaska and Madi is their genuineness. As twenty somethings, it is so easy to get caught in the rat race of chasing success. It can be easy to forget the important things. Though these girls are early in their career, they seem to have a strong grasp on the important things. One of which, is their friendship. Success is a great thing, but it is even sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

Keep chasing those dreams, twenty somethings! My hope for you is that you have people to share with you in your success. People to laugh with. People to make fun of you when you take yourself to seriously. People who remember how far you’ve come. People who want to see you go further. People to push you to grow. People to encourage you when you meet setbacks. These people are the best of friends. These are the people you want to share the ride with. After all, life and career success are so much sweeter when you have someone riding shot gun!



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