Seasons Change

I am a northern girl. To be exact, I hail from the great state of Michigan (Go Green! Not Blue.) For me, this translates into loving winter and not being such a fan of summertime, at least summers in the south. Anywhere further south than Missouri and I am dying. I literally avoid the sun at all costs. Not because I don’t like a nice summer tan, but because I don’t like the heat. Dry heat or humid heat, it is all sucks to me, and anything that reaches an access of 90 degrees is outside of my happy place.

Luckily for me, the state I currently reside in has all four seasons. So during the three months of intense heat, I grin and bear it, knowing that this season will pass. I am confident that fall, winter and spring will come again and I will not always have to endure temperatures above 100. Much to my summer loving friends’ chagrin, summer will end eventually. So I am learning to be content for the time being.


Isn’t that a lot like life? Sometimes, it seems as though we get so caught up in the here and now that we forget that every season will pass. I sat down for smoothies today (one perk of summertime- swapping out coffee/tea dates for smoothie dates!) with my mentor today, and we got to talking about being content in the season that you are in. As a twenty something, this is definitely easier said than done. We are in such a stage of transition, such a stage of uncertainty. It is easy to get down about the season we are currently in and spend our time focused on the dangling carrot of our future.

While it is great to have goals and work toward them, I would encourage you to embrace the season you are in, right now. Yea, it may be summer outside and, like me, you may hate the heat! Think of all the marvelous things that summer brings that the other seasons don’t, holidays like July 4 or Memorial Day with family and friends, barbeques, summer festivals, travel and great beach time! There’s a lot to look forward to in this season.

Twenty Something Advice (for Anybody):

“Take a second. Breathe before your breath runs out.  Don’t try so hard to move past the moment. These days go by and they’re gone before you know it. This is life. Don’t miss it.”

Francesca Battistelli, “Don’t Miss It”

Seasons come and go. If you are in a difficult season right now where maybe you are searching for a job or walking through something stressful, know that this too shall pass. This season will not be your forever. If you are in a season of uncertainty or transition, take some time to get perspective. Find the good in where you are right now and learn to make the most of it. If anything, hard times provide an opportunity for growth, to make you wiser and stronger for the next season. If it’s raining in your life, learn to dance in the puddles. If there’s a heat wave, grab some sunscreen and a visor and enjoy the sun!

So don’t waste this season away, wishing that you were somewhere else.  Each day is a gift. Make the most of them. Remember to live. Live in the present and learn to make the most of your now. Guaranteed if you don’t, one day you will look back and regret it.

– Stephkt


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