Dear 13-Year Old Me


I know you think you know everything,

But I am here to burst your bubble.

That boy you like right now-

Yea, the one who sits across from you in your 6th hour science class,

– He is not “the one”.

I know it seems like it is the end of the world,

But it’s not. I promise.

You will have more of these seemingly “end of the world” moments.

When you start high school in the fall, your friend group will change drastically,

But buckle your seat belt because this won’t be the first time this happens.

Hello college. Hello career. Hello marriage.

Your friendships will fluctuate with these chapters,

But don’t worry, the good ones will stick around.

I know you can’t stand mom right now.

You argue daily and can’t seem to agree on anything,

But she’s got your best interest at heart.

You won’t always have this time with her.

Appreciate her. Hug her more often.

And your older brother? Annoying, right?

One day he will magically transform into one of your best friends.

High school will be fun, but it will also be hard at times.

College will be all of this times 2.

Things won’t always be easy.

You will get knocked down.

You will go after things and not always win.

You will love and lose.

You will get burned by friends and lovers.

You will make mistakes and burn bridges.

You will have to learn how to let things and people go.

Things won’t always be easy, but keep going.

People may burn you, but forgive and learn to keep your heart open.

Take risks. Take chances. Be willing to win big, even if it means failing even larger.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Guaranteed, sometimes it will hurt like hell, but do it any way.

Stay open. Love big. Forgive often. Work hard to make your dreams a reality.

Never give up.


23-Year Old Me



Eighth Grade promotion ceremony

Twenty Something Advice (or Anybody):

“Dust yourself off and keep going.”


2 thoughts on “Dear 13-Year Old Me

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  2. This is great!
    i wrote a post about what would i tell my 16-year-old me. I would add some of this things, they are great

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