The Beauty of Small Beginnings

We live in a world of more. More money. More success. More fame. There is always a higher level to get to. There is always something better. A smarter smartphone. A faster form of social media. A more high tech car. There is always something to attain, a higher level to strive toward. More, more, more.

Everywhere you look people are busy chasing something. The current generation of twenty somethings is not immune to the “more” disease. If anything, we are the leaders of it. I have fallen victim to this mentality myself. I have lofty dreams, dreams of grandeur and stature for my life. While there is nothing wrong with dreaming and working toward those goals, this incesscant striving can slowly lead to discontentment. Discontentment with the present, with all the things and people around us. We can get so caught up in our visions for the future that we forget to enjoy the present.

Twenty Something Advice (for Anybody):

“Your more doesn’t have to arrive tomorrow, for you to make the most of today.”

In my post “Enjoy the Journey“, I talked about learning to enjoy the journey and appreciating the baby steps that make up the master plan. In addition to enjoying your now, it is also so important to learn to serve while you wait. Instead of the fantasizing about all the good things you’ll do once you are successful, why not start now? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we became a generation of young adults who knew what it meant to be of service?


In your twenties, where you are at is “in the in between”. You are in the middle of where you once were and where you want to be. You are on fertile soil, soil that still needs watering to produce healthy fruit. You are on a launching pad that isn’t quite set to initiate. So what will you do in the meantime?

A friend and I discussed what it looks like to be of service where you are at. Last year, my friend was living at home with her parents after college and looking for jobs. Her “in between” was a time spent in service. Instead of complaining about not being where she wanted to be in her career or fantasizing about her life once she did get a job, she got busy. She served where she was. She cleaned her parents’ house each week. She had dinner ready on the table for them every day when they came home from work. She became a person of service.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait on my “more” before I become a person of impact. I don’t want to wait until I reach my dreams for me to have influence. The truth is, is that this life is what you make it. So you are a twenty something with goals and dreams and you haven’t quite gotten there yet. Frustrating? You bet! I understand. Instead of moping or waiting until you reach your illustrious “more”, I challenge you to serve where you are at. I challenge you to use the skills and talents you have to be of service to your city and the people around you. I challenge you to be a young man or woman of service, who uses what she has where she is at to make a difference. Through service, you will find that the time until you reach your “more” isn’t that bad at all.


serve Here is a group called 3D Give, a group of young adults from Victory Christian church, who volunteer around the city every other Saturday morning, passing out groceries, picking up trash and meeting the needs of Tulsans.



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