When You Can’t Get Your Snickers Bar

We all have those days. Days when everything that could go wrong seems to go wrong. We wake up late, miss the bus and spill our coffee all within 10 minutes. What’s a person to do when the little things just seem to go wrong? Well, I see there being two possibilities. Either we can choose to complain and be grumpy for the entirety of the day or we can choose to go with the flow, embrace the little mishaps and choose to be grateful for the good things we do have.

Today seems like one of those days for me. Everything seemed to take a little bit more effort and be met with a little more resistance. I am feeling drained even though I went to bed early. My curly hair don’t care turned into a fro no-no. And to top it off, my afternoon craving for chocolate was not assuaged. I put in $1 in quarters for a Snickers and what happened? The Snickers got stuck and no matter how much I tried to shake the machine (I even asked for the help of someone I met in the break room) it was to no avail. I left the break room Snickerless and still hungry.








As I sit here typing away, my mouth and brain are wet with the desire for a chocolatey treat. After a moment of pouting, I decided to be a big girl and take losing my Snickers to the machine in stride.  I think as a twenty something one of the most important lessons I have learned and am continually reminded of is to laugh. Laugh at life. Don’t take things so seriously. Otherwise, you will never lead a happy life.

There are so many things in this world that can get you down or stress you out. Why not take a step back and get some perspective? Instead of being easily upset or put down, why not choose to throw up your hands and laugh?

About ten minutes after I left the break room, I heard (since I sit right near the break room) someone put money in the machine. I heard about three things drop. Looks like my misfortune turned into someone else’s gain. I hope she enjoyed that Snickers as much as I would have 🙂


I know this might sound like a lot to learn all from losing a Snickers, but in this case it is very true. Don’t worry. Be happy. Stress less. Dream more. Give as often as you can.



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