Just Keep Swimming

Happy (late) New Year! (very late)

So looking through my blog, I realized I haven’t written in months. As a writer, journalist and self-professed wordie, this is disappointing to me. Just like with anything, the more you write, the better you become at it. So I guess I better get a kick in the rear and get my pen on the paper (or fingers on the keys in this case).

In my defense, the past few months have been super busy and filled with lots of changes. The last time I wrote, I was in the comforts of my parent’s house in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the place I have called home for the past 6 years. The exciting news is that I got a six month editorial assistant position at Delta Sky magazine in Minneapolis! Also, I bought a car (with my own hard earned money and a Jeep, my favorite car, at that)! My how things can change given a little time.

ImageGood morning Minneapolis! My walk to work in the morning 🙂

Just in August, I remember blogging about my restlessness as a 21-year old college graduate with a lot of ambition and no clear set path. Well, seven months later, here I am! Not that I have arrived or anything. I am still figuring things out, but I am pursuing my passion, which is writing. While I don’t have all the answers to my future and have all the hows, whys, whens and whats answered, I am content in the fact that I am pursuing my passion and my dream to be a journalist and screenwriter.

It’s weird! There is this exciting, yet scary feeling about not knowing. about not having a set plan. I have several friends who are off in New York and other big cities with their big boy/girl jobs. I have other friends who are at home working, saving up and applying for different positions, all in pursuit of their next dream. Then I know the people like myself, who may have temp jobs or internships, trying to work there way up through their industry.

My editorial assistant position, which is basically a 6-month post grad internship, will be over in mid-June. This fact is exhilarating and scary all at the same time. It’s thrilling to know that I will be off to something new and exciting soon, but also a little frightening having to pack up and go somewhere new and not knowing where that “new” place or job might be.


Here’s what I have learned: IT’S OKAY NOT TO HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT! As long as you are pursuing your talents and passions, you will be okay. Everything will not always go as planned. The path to where you are going may not be straight. Truthfully, it may have so many dips, bends, turns and potholes that you may want to get off and try another route. But I encourage you not to. I encourage you to pursue your dreams persistently and recklessly. i encourage you to go after the thing that is on your heart.

I am a firm believer in the wise adage “What you sow, you will reap.” Another way of saying it is what you put out you will get back. Basically, if you are pursuing something that you are truthfully, honestly and passionately in love with, there is no way it won’t come back to you in spades. It may not be easy at first, but I encourage you to stick it out and stay the course.

There is so much beauty in the 20s. Yes, they can be scary because they are so uncertain, but they can also be crazy fun. We learn a lot as 20 somethings. We change a lot. We mess up a lot and we most certainly grow a lot. My roommate, who happens to be my childhood bff and oldest friend from Detroit, despises how much I talk about motherhood, marriage and all of my “somedays”. While I love imagining being in my 30s, married and totting babies on my arms, my roommate speaks some truth. I, as well as my peers, need to enjoy the scary, beautiful time that is the 20s. Stay the course! For me that means, write, write, write! I have to pursue my passion. Whatever your passion is, I encourage you that no matter what the setback or roadblock be, just keep swimming.

ImageMe and my roommate on my first day in Minneapolis!



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