Generation Me

So this past weekend, I got a tutorial on how to work an iPad from a 4-year-old boy.  It was one of the most riveting and funny experiences I have had in a awhile.  Although I learned a lot of skills that will probably prove to be useless in the long run, it was interesting to use a new format of technology.  What is interesting to me is how the younger generations are so saturated with technology and they have grown up in the “i-World” their entire lives.

My ipad guide, Ethan, wasn’t slightly amazed how he could change the direction of a tractor or steer a bullet from a machine gun just by tilting the screen of the ipad.  The older I get, I see technology, especially that owned by Apple, becoming more interactive and three dimensional.  It’s is pretty intriguing how realistic technology has become and makes me wonder how far it will go.  Today’s generation of children and young kids probably won’t even notice the evolution over time being surronded my iPads, iPhones and iPods their entire lives.  A world of technology that isn’t avaiable at the palm of their hands is for them a novelty.

I don’t know if I see myself buying an iPad anytime soon.  I am not one to jump aboard the technology train.  As long as I have a phone and some type of internet connection, I am content for now on not always being completely up to date on the newest gadgetry.  You never know though, the younger generation may influence my generation just like mine has influenced my parents’.  I may just have end up being influenced by this techno-crazed i-generation.


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