Video Girl in a Video World

This week in Electronic Communication we are working on our final projects, creating a website with iWeb.  I think this project should be pretty interesting because we will learn what goes into creating a website.  Since the internet has become a daily tool used for education, entertainment and consumption, it will be exciting to say that I know how to create a website.

Last week, we submitted our video projects.  I did my video over my sorority and explained what Sigma Phi Lambda is all about.  The project turned out pretty good for my first video project but I would like to do better on the next video I create.

I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when creating a video.  In terms of shots, it is good to get a variety of different shots at different angles.  Even if the angle seems strange while you are shooting it, you never know what you will use for the final video.  You should also shoot from different depths of field by zooming in and out.

Another good idea to keep in mind when shooting video, is to always have a little extra space at the end of a shot.  This way if you want to add special effects, such as a fade in or a fade out, you can easily do that.

In terms if lighting, it is important to shoot from an angle where the light is working for the subjects instead of against them.  If you shoot from a point where the lights is shining toward them it may create shadows and reflections.  It is good to shoot where the light is shining from behind in a way that illuminates the subject and doesn’t create shadows.

These are just a few of the ideas I learned from shooting my first video.  This project has made me that much more interested in making more videos in the future.

Now this week that we are on to our final project with iWeb, we will use our videos and all of our other projects to create a website.  It should be pretty cool to see the finished project.  After this class, I hope to keep up with my blog and my website because both are such important tools to have in the twenty-first century.  It’s a digital age so it’s important to know how to use, manipulate and create using digital media.


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