Video Video Video

So our most recent assignment for Electronic Communiction is to create a video.  For some reason, this project, so far, has been the most difficult for me.  So far I haven’t even begun tapping but a number of other things in the pre-filming process have gone wrong. 

The biggest is I have nave been stumped for ideas for my project since we were first assigned it.  I’ve gone back and forth between commericial, a music video or a how to video.  The second problem I ran into happened this weekend when I came home to Tulsa, hoping to tape my video, but more than half way home I realized that I forgot my camera at school.  Convienently, my camera’s batteries are dead, another reason why I haven’t started my project.  I used that as an excuse this entire week as to why I hadn’t started.  Instead of just buying batteries, I kept telling myself I will buy some when I get to Tulsa.  Never did it cross my mind that something terribly could go terribly wrong with my camera, such as me losing it, breaking it or in this case leaving it on my desk back in Stillwater.

Well tomorrow is Sunday…actually looking at the time, today is Sunday,which gives me 32 hours to get my video project done by 8:00 a.m. class tomorrow.  I’ve heard that sometimes the most genuis ideas come under pressure.  I hope this saying proves to be true.  I already have a few ideas of what I can tape tomorrow.  Now the trick is to make it happen.

Happy videoing to everyone!  And to any last minute paper writers, test studiers or project finishers, I feel your pain.  I really really do.


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