Technological Art

So far this semester in Electronic Commuication, we have completed a number of different projects.  We did a slideshow, a podcast, this blog and we are currently working on a video project.  I’ve really enjoyed the different projects because it allows me to be creative while using modern technology. 

Sometimes, technology and all of its many creations can be intimidating.  I personally love the arts, fashion, music, writing, dance.  This class has allowed me to use my eye for aesthetics and to get over my phobia of not catching on to the technology tide wave.

For my podcast, I created a short talk show segement about fashion and music.  I thought the project was pretty interesting because I got to play the role of someone like a DJ.  I had done an audio project for a different class once before, but the program we used in that class was not as modern.  I liked being able to experiment with Garage Band and learning some of the different features it has to offer.  I’m sure there are more capabilities that I didn’t play with, but it opened the door for me to want to use garageband for my onw personal uses.

For the picture slideshow, I seized the opportunity of the rainy day and created a slideshow of rainboots and girls wearing their rain gear on campus.  Out of the hundreds of girls who wear rain boots on this campus, I know that there are so many different styles.  I thought it would be cool to capture them at different angles and in different lighings.  I learned a lot a bout how you can use a camera to create different shots that make the viewers see the world differently.

Our next project is the video.  I’m brainstorming ideas right now.   The projects should be anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.  I stumbled upon an intersting idea earlier today in class.  I was joking about making a music video, but after the professor’s remarks, I am actually considering doing it. 

A lot of techniques used for the camera project can be applied to the video project.  We will see what I can come up with!  Whatever, I choose to do, I want to make it an expression of my interests in the arts.

– Stephkt


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