A Missed Generational Fade

So October at OSU, as well as many universities across the country, marks the coming of Homecoming season.  Here, for those students who are members of greek sororities and fraternities.  I am a member of Sigma Phi Lambda, a national christian sorority.  Although, we are not greek, we do participate in the lovely tradition known as pomping, which basically enttails students sticking a bunch of pieces of tissue paper into chicken wire and ultimately producing these wonderful pictorial displays of OSU history and tradition.  Last week on a Tuesday night, I was pomping at the Delta Tau Delta house, when I heard the televeision show Glee on in the main room.  Everyone’s faces seemed to be glued to the television and that’s when I realized that one of the biggest crazes of my generation had completely passed me by.

Honestly, I am not big on musicals.  It’s strange because I like some, can tolerate others and then there are a few that I just stand.  I think I am too much of a sarcastic person to watch as characters sing and dance every five minutes and there is a new song whenever there is a mood change, from happy to sad or love-struck to heart broken, all I can do is laugh.  I like classics like Grease.  Movies like that kind of depict the culture of that time era in a whimsical manner that really gets my attention.  However, I am against musicals.  Broadway was not made for a girl like me.  I find the singing to be melodramatic, the stages to be overdone and the blaring music to be overwhelming.

High School Musical is a big musical movie that has been a hit in recent years and that likely lead to the creation of shows like Glee.   I will admit that I have seen High School Musicals 1 and 2, but it was much to my dismay.  I found the movie to be, how shall I say it, very much over done.  I just wanted them to stop singing, especially since I thought a lot of the main charcters could not sing very well.

However, when I say Glee at the frat house last week for the first time, I had to actually stop and listen.  For one, unlike High School Musical, the characters could undeniably sing very well.  Two, the plot lines were very humorus and often were poking fun at people and circumstances in today’s society, which to a sarcastic person like me is a pure gold mine.  As I saw all my peers, both guys and girls, glued to the screen, I wondered if maybe my close-minded view of musicals had led me to miss out on a really entertaining show.

I pomped again last night and Glee was on and once again everyone was glued to the television set, meaning little pomping was getting done.  I will have to admit the shows seems like it might be worth watching.  Though this semester, I barely have enough time to eat and sleep, let alone watch tv, but I may just have to catch the show on reruns!


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