The College Campus Food Regime

So I’m a pretty healthy person.  When I am at my parents’ home, I am very consistent with my daily run and keep up my eating habits.  However, something happens whenever I come to college.  I started thinking about this idea whenever I scarfed down a Tomato Mozarella Paninni from the Student Union today.  As my stomach still tosses and turns at the moment, I can’t help but wonder if there is a way to stay healthy while in college.

Yes is the first answer that comes to mind when I hear college pose the health question: Can I or can’t I stay healthy?  I believe it is very possible to stay trim and feet while living on a college campus.  It just takes a lot of work and discipline.

I’m not going to pretend like it’s easy.  This is definitely a struggle that I face as a college junior continuously.  As a college student, we have so much stress on us from school, to work, to organizations.  We have to maintain all that while still trying to somewhat have social life.  My reaction to stress is to eat, eat, eat!  A trait my tummy definitely doesn’t support.

Yesterday, I got up for my first run of the semester.  I’ve gone five weeks without running and my body is screaming at me for it! I hate feeling out of shape so I’m going to have to get back in the groove.  My run yesterday showed me just how out of shape I really am.  It also showed me how much work I need to put in in order to stay in shape, let on slim down a little.

There are plenty of healthy options on campus.  Instead of that big greasy sandwich or fries from Chic-Fil-A, why not get a salad or sushi instead.  Instead of the cookie or the ice cream, why not get a health snack, granola bar or a piece of fruit.  Instead of driving every where, how about walking more? Also, a good idea may be to also pick a class at the gym to regularly attend.  Make a promise to only miss the class in case of emergenciences.

Being healthy is definitely a choice but also a series of choices.  Start with good ones every moring, and then later in the day it will be easier to keep the pattern going.  My first four weeks of school, I’ve done okay but for the rest of this semester, I want to make a conscious effort to eat healthy.  It is definitely possible to be healthy on a college campus.  It just takes a lot of hard work.


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