A Burst of Energy….Or maybe a Renewed Mindset

So I woke up this morning at 6:15 ish to run….crazy!!! I haven’t ran since school started and I have been feeling really out of shape.  I figured the best way to combat that was an early, crack of the dawn run.  Uuum so I guess I was wrong!

I am in class now and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open…literally.  Every five seconds my eyes are watering, my head is drooping and I can’t stop sniffing to save my life.  Days like today, I would love to stay in my room and watch t.v. all day and soak my feet.  Instead, I am back on my daily grind. Class starts at 8:00 and my day won’t end until around 5:00 when I leave my internship.

But instead of all this complaining, why not try to see the sunny side of things?  1, 2, 3…. positive attitude!  i stole that from my old roommate.  I think a positive attitude is a daily choice.  It is something we choose to have, just like we choose which color sweater to wear or how to wear our hair.  Life is all about choices.  It is a series of results that are the product of actions set in motion by our choices.

This morning I chose to go running.  While the aches and pains,  I feel are a byproduct of this action, also the morning burst of energy that sets in after a good run is also another result.  Running in the morning also energizes me and helps me start my day off with good healthy choices.

So though I am not super excited for classes this week or readings or tests, I am glad that I started off my week with a good run.  Now hopefully, my energy from my run will transfer over to the rest of my week.


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